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Vivek Bindra (also known as Dr. Vivek Bindra) is a revolutionary entrepreneur, business coach & an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker. He has written more than 10 high power motivational books. 

Currently he is the founder & CEO of BadaBusiness which is a revolutionary mentorship program by top business professionals for new level entrepreneurs.

Vivek Bindra Inspirational Quotes in English

#1. Success may come to First movers, But stays with the Fast movers.

#2. Choose your success by choosing your thoughts!

#3. Pearls don't lie on the seashore, If you want one then you must dive for it!

#4. Tough times tell you that, You are tougher than the tough times.

#5. Success is not a destination, Its a journey that Never stop at one place.

#6. When you give more than you get. then you will get more than what you Gave.

Dr. Vivek Bindra business lessons | vivek bindra motivational quotes
Vivek Bindra quotes

Vivek Bindra Motivational Quotes

#1. All the world's greatest stories are also the stories of Great failures.

#2. No body in the history has ever created history without tasting Failures. - Vivek Bindra quotes

#3. You cannot improve the Future in the future, you must do it Right NOW!

#4. If you change your thoughts then you can change the World.

#5. The depth of your struggles, Determines the height of your success.

vivek bindra business quotes | business quotes by vivek bindra

Vivek Bindra Business Quotes

#1. If you don't stay Upgraded and Updated then you will be outdated!

#2. Anything you cannot measure you cannot improve!

#3. The clarity of role and goal is the foundation of a strong and structured Organization!

#4. The biggest risk is not taking any Risk! - Vivek Bindra

#5. If you win without failing, Then you will fail without knowing.

#6. You can never get the New result by doing the same thing!

#7. Clarity + Energy is the formula of the legendary success!

#8. You cannot convince people by convincing, you convince people by connecting.

#9. Leadership is not about informing people, it't about involving people.

#10. If you try to be the Best, then you will be Number 1, But if you try to be Unique then you will be the only one.

#11. An inspired Execution can make you Bigger than the original Innovation.

#12. It's not important to move first, Its important to move Fast

#13. When you face Failure then change your strategy not the Goal.

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Vivek Bindra 90 Days Success Formula

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